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Does Gum Disease Affect Facial Shape?

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
Does Gum Disease Affect Facial Shape?When it concerns gum disease, your teeth, and soft oral tissues aren't the only things that suffer. The signs and bone loss can transform the way you look in the mirror. It's simple to see why gum disease and face structure are so closely linked if you understand how the disease progresses and ultimately leads to more tooth loss.

Gum Disease Progression

When you brush or floss your teeth, you may notice that your gums bleed. You may also detect some inflammation and redness which will make your soft tissues feel tender. You may correct these symptoms and restore your gum health with routine professional cleanings and good at-home oral hygiene practices. However, if the problem is not handled, it will deteriorate.

Periodontitis is a disease in which bacteria destroy your teeth and bone, creating deep pockets that easily trap food particles and other waste. Plaque and tartar damage the jawbone and cause teeth to loosen and eventually fall out as they migrate beneath the gum line. This stage of gum disease is incurable.

Facial Shape Effects from Gum Disease

When you explore how gum disease causes tooth loss, you will see that as the jawbone disintegrates, it loses its shape. As a result, the aesthetics of your smile are affected as a result. When you look at someone who doesn't have teeth, their lips are generally drawn inward, giving them the appearance of being much older than they are.

Your facial structure will be drastically altered, from your facial angles and chin location to your bite and jowls. Due to the vertical lines that emerge on your face, tissues begin to sag, the chin pushes forward, and even your nose might seem larger. You can continue to stimulate the jawbone and retain a healthier, younger-looking appearance by restoring these missing teeth with dental implants.

Those experiencing bone loss are said to look at least ten years older than their actual age. If this isn't something you want to go through, you'll need to keep track of your oral hygiene routine and decrease your risk of gum disease by flossing and brushing your teeth on a routine basis, going to regular dental exams, stopping tobacco or tobacco, and eating healthy foods. Do you want to improve your dental health? Schedule a visit with us now to get on top of your oral health.
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