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My Dentist Told Me I Need Crown Lengthening Procedure; Why Is It So?

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
My Dentist Told Me I Need Crown Lengthening Procedure; Why Is It So?Dental crown lengthening is often known as a gum lift or gingivectomy. This is typically performed by a periodontal dentist and it enhances gum tissue health. It also helps prep the mouth for restorative or aesthetic procedures. Crown lengthening might be a choice if you struggle with a gummy smile or have very tiny teeth.

Crown Lengthening Procedure

Periodontists, for many years, have utilized crown lengthening. This procedure exposes more of your natural teeth by recontouring and reshaping the bone or gum tissue, which is used to enhance oral health. However, the procedure has gained more relevancy as a method to cosmetically improve the smile of a patient.

Why Receive Crowns Lengthening Treatment?

Patients and dentists would consider crown lengthening for a variety of reasons depending on the issue being addressed and your specific goals. Our team will assess your situation during the consultation.

Cosmetic Purposes

Crown lengthening is used to remove any extra gum tissue. This improves the appearance of the teeth, which appear abnormally small, putting you in the position to also develop periodontal disease. Reducing the quantity of superfluous gum tissue greatly helps to avoid periodontal disease, and enhances the overall look of your smile.

Repair Tooth Decay

Tooth decay located beneath the gums may be too difficult to reach. As such, crown lengthening may be needed to access the decay and help restore oral health. A dentist reshapes the gums, revealing the decay. Once the decay is gotten rid of, the gums are restored to their usual position. Besides, the lengthening of crowns can help create space for tooth restorations like a crown placement procedure.

Restore a Tooth Broken at the Gumline

If you have suffered injury or trauma and ended up with a broken tooth at the gum line, a crown lengthening could help access the damaged tooth and allow a dentist to hold the tooth together using a dental crown. therefore, crown lengthening may be needed when repairing or covering a tooth with a restoration.

Kindly visit us for further information and queries regarding the crown lengthening procedure.

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