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Safeguard Your Oral Health This Christmas: Tip No1. – All Sweets At Once!

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
Safeguard Your Oral Health This Christmas: Tip No1. – All Sweets At Once!The intake of sugar usually increased during this time when a lot of families have other things crossing their minds rather than their oral hygiene. Since it is inevitable to consume sweets at Christmas time, you should make an informed choice to safeguard your oral health.

Cut down on Sweets

The best way you can protect your teeth and gums at this time of festivities is to cut down on sweets as well as chocolates. However, not many are able to do so. As a result, you may want to make sure that your oral hygiene is kept at optimal as you minimize the consumption of sugar.

Eat Sweets All at Once

We know that avoiding sugar altogether is not realistic, especially during the particular week of Christmas and New Year's Eve. That is why we provide you with practical advice that you can apply during this time or during other important festivities and events.

Try to eat as many sweets as you crave, but importantly consume them all at once. Preferably eat them after meals. As you may know, tooth decay arises when bacteria in plaque attack the teeth and gums. These bacteria feast on sugars and carbs. They transform sugars and carbs into acids. As such, the acids wash away the tooth covering known as enamel after some time. If you expose the teeth to acids for a longer time, you heighten the chances of having decay.

Now, if you eat all sugars at once, you won't prevent acids, but you limit the duration in which sugar rests on the tooth's surfaces or gums. As a result, you minimize the exposure of the tooth's enamel to acid. This way, you help keep the tooth's structure safe and sound.

Eating sweet treats and desserts soon after meals is also important. First, it ensures you do not consume too much of them. Secondly, it ensures there is saliva that is produced at the time of eating your meals to be able to wash away the detrimental sugars and carbs when you eat them after the meals. Talk to us regarding oral care in the festive seasons.

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