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Makeup Can Affect Your Smile

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
Makeup Can Affect Your SmileWhen you hear about the risks of makeup you perhaps think of the skin. Well, it is true that makeup can cause damage to the skin. Some products contain chemicals that cause irritation, itchiness, and sometimes, skin disease. However, did you know that makeup products like lipsticks can affect your oral health? It is crucial that you understand what makeup can do to your skin as well as oral health.

Chemicals may Cause Teeth Infections

People who use lipstick need to be aware of the dangers they cause to the teeth. A substance referred to as bismuth oxychloride is used to preserve lipstick. This chemical is highly dangerous and corrosive. If it gets in direct contact with the gums and teeth, it can cause various dental problems. For example, the acid in the chemical can wear down your enamel, thus making you susceptible to oral bacteria intrusion. If you excessively use lipsticks, you may suffer tooth decay or tooth sensitivity. Besides, you may also develop gum disease. Limiting the use of these products can help reduce the risks and promote oral health.

Dry Gums and Skin

Makeup products not intended for your skin type can hydrate it. As a result, the gums may become dry. Saliva in the mouth plays a crucial role in washing away bacteria and food debris. Without saliva, you increase the risk of infections. Food particles stick on the gums, helping feed bacteria. This situation can contribute to tooth decay. Lack of saliva may also lead to bleeding gums.

To find out how makeup affects your smile visit our office. Our prosthodontist will provide you with more information regarding the subject. If you have dental problems that require the input of a prosthodontist, our team will be ready to tackle them. Schedule an appointment today.
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