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Do Your Teeth Get Harmed from Fast Food?

Posted on 12/20/2019 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
Do Your Teeth Get Harmed from Fast Food?Fast food. We know that we shouldn't eat it, but gosh, it tastes good. While it is ok to indulge every once in a while, we all know that we shouldn't be eating fast food, because it isn't good for our bodies.

Did you ever think that all of that fast food you are eating isn't good for your mouth either.

The Bad News About Fast Food

Fast food is one of the worst things for your teeth that you can imagine. Fast food contains a lot of carbohydrates in the form of sugars and breads. Both of these allow the bacterial growth in your mouth to explode. It is the bacterial growth that causes both tooth decay and gum disease. Fast food also doesn't usually contain fruits and veggies, which help to brush away the bacteria and plaque naturally.

Also, if you are drinking that sweet tea or that giant-sized soda, you are putting even more sugar and acids in your mouth. Acids work to eat away at the enamel of the surface of your tooth, which makes it easier for cavities to form. It also makes your teeth more sensitive to hot or cold.

If you must satisfy your fast food cravings, we have a couple of suggestions. First, you will want to brush your teeth after eating all of that fast food. You may also want to think about getting a small serving, instead of getting the largest serving possible.

If you regulate your fast food intake, that will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. While fast food is ok every once in a while, it really isn't great for a healthy mouth. Think about making sure that your diet is full of fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain plenty of calcium so strengthen those teeth and keep them healthy. Do you have questions about how to keep your teeth and gums healthy? Let us give you some answers. Give us a call today.
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