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Tissue Regeneration Can Help Repair Gums

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
Tissue Regeneration Can Help Repair GumsWhile receding gums will not grow back like epithelial tissue or the skin's epidermis, we can recommend procedures meant to regenerate tissues and bone that support the teeth and root system.

What Procedures Help Periodontal Patients Restore their Smiles?

One of the procedures coinciding with tissue regeneration involves gum flap surgery. During this procedure, we eliminate the bacteria that break down supportive tissue and bones. Membranes or filters along with tissue-promoting proteins and bone grafts may be used to promote the body's natural propensity to regenerate tissue and bone. Therefore, we can customize a treatment plan for you that will repair your gums and improve your periodontal profile. You do not have to accept your current periodontal situation, as innovative treatment methods can be used to reduce the depth of gingival pockets and repair the gum tissue damaged by periodontal disease.

How Else Can You Support Tissue Regeneration?

As noted, we frequently use tissue stimulating proteins to improve periodontal prognoses. We normally do this before we suture the bone during a bone grafting procedure. The use of tissue stimulating proteins regenerates gingival tissues so periodontal attachment can occur. In addition, we may use platelet-rich growth factors, or PRGFs, to support tissue regeneration and a denser growth of bone. After these procedures, we follow up and check our progress. All these steps bode well for patients who choose to take these measures to improve their gum and bone health.

Would you like to ensure better health of your gums and teeth? If so, consult with our periodontal team about how today's periodontal innovations can improve your tissue health and give you more options for treating periodontitis. Why not contact our office to set up an appointment for a comprehensive periodontal exam (CPE) now? When you take measures to correct weakened gums and teeth, you strengthen your chances of enhancing your health overall. Call us now to schedule an appointment, so we can determine the best treatment plan for you.


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