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Is Flossing a Major Factor in Gum Health?

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
Is Flossing a Major Factor in Gum Health?Flossing does impact the health of your gums. You simply cannot brush your teeth twice a day. You also need to floss to ensure the health and maintenance of the teeth and gums.

Why Flossing Is Important

If you only brush but fail to floss, you are not really doing enough to clean away the plaque in your mouth, which settles on and in between the teeth. That is why you need to floss too. When you floss, you scrape away the plaque between the teeth that leads to decay and inflammation. If you neglect this habit, you run the risk of getting cavities in between the teeth and along the gum line. By getting rid of the food and plaque between the teeth, you are removing any possibility that you will suffer gum irritation or cavities.

Use a Water Flosser as Well as String Floss

Traditional floss comes in various types of strings. You can get both unwaxed and waxed floss and can also use floss sticks if you are not at home. If the spaces between the teeth are a bit snug, use the waxed variety. You can also use super floss to clean around bridges. Bridge threaders are a must-have too when you must clean beneath a bridge. To support regular flossing, use a water flosser to flush away any remaining residue and plaque. Whether you floss with a thread or use the water flosser, begin at the back of the mouth. Switch the water flosser on a lower setting until you get used to it. Don't ever switch the setting too high. A lower pressure, like a soft-bristled toothbrush, is best. Use both the traditional floss and water flosser to keep you gums healthy and free of infection. It only takes about 2 minutes to use either of these 2 methods.

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