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Rebuilding Dental Bone Loss

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
Rebuilding Dental Bone LossOne of the most common questions our prosthodontists at Dr. Xixi Wu get is 'can dental bone loss be reversed?'

Many people ask this because they are worried about the longevity of their teeth. And rightly so.

Bone loss around the teeth, under the gums, and in the jaw at large is more common than you might think. It is often a consequence of chronic gum infection, called periodontitis. However, the leading cause of dental bone loss is usually broken or missing teeth that are not replaced on time.

If you think you are experiencing bone loss or have lately noticed signs like wiggly teeth, don't delay visiting us. Dr. Wu and Dr. Xixi Wu can perform a dental scan to determine your teeth and jawbone strength. If your jawbone is receding, we can assist you in understanding the right steps to take next.

Is Bone Loss in Gums Reversible?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, such as the cause and extent of your bone loss.

For example, if your bone loss stems from an infection in the tooth nerve, root canal treatment might help save your teeth. This is because the elimination of infection can help restore healthy blood flow and nutrient supply to the jawbone. Dental treatment such as bone grafting may then be performed to help regenerate lost bone.

However, if advanced periodontitis is responsible for dental bone loss, it might be hard to reverse the effect. Nonetheless, prompt treatment can help stop further bone degeneration.

Reversing or controlling dental bone loss is crucially important to prevent more severe complications like tooth loss. Failing to treat dental bone loss can also lead to facial collapse. It brings your chin closer to the neck, creating sagging skin and deep wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks.

How Can We Prevent Dental Bone Loss?

In most cases, giving the jawbone a replacement tooth (dental implants) can help prevent active bone loss. This is because implants look and function like your real teeth. Since they provide over 80% of the normal biting force, they are usually the best option to prevent the resorption (re-absorption) of the jawbone into the body.

For more information about preventing dental bone loss, visit us at Dr. Xixi Wu. Call (972) 669-9444 to schedule your appointment.
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