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Top 3 Reasons To Think About Getting A Gum Graft

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
Top 3 Reasons To Think About Getting A Gum GraftA gum graft is a procedure that involves carefully placing a small amount of new tissue in an area where little or no gum tissue exists. This procedure is typically recommended to prevent gum recession or to cover up exposed root surfaces of your teeth. If you have an unattractive smile, tooth decay, and root sensitivity, you should consider getting a gum graft.

An Unattractive Smile

The first thing people will notice about you is your smile, and it can be very uncomfortable for you when your teeth' roots are exposed. This is most likely to be the case when you have receding gums. If you have this condition, you should consider getting a gum graft. This procedure can restore the aesthetics of your smile, giving you the confidence you need to socialize with others. Besides, gum graft procedures will help put your jawline back in shape, improving your structural appearance.

Tooth Decay

Gum recession will lead to the exposure of your teeth, making them vulnerable to tooth decay. The roots of your teeth are vital, and when attacked by bacteria, the rest of the tooth is in jeopardy. When you undergo a gum graft procedure, your teeth will be protected from decay. This is because the roots of your teeth will no longer be exposed, as well as the other vulnerable areas of your gum and teeth. When receding gums are left untreated, the bone that holds the root of your teeth can wear off. This is very dangerous because it can lead to tooth loss and other severe dental conditions.

Root Sensitivity

When gums recede, your roots will start to show, and you can experience pain and discomfort of sensitivity. Besides, your teeth may suddenly become sensitive to cold, hot, or sugary foods and beverages. If this condition is left untreated, it can advance and become unbearable. However, it will cover your gums when you undergo a gum graft procedure and prevent any risk of root sensitivity. Visit our offices for more information on the benefits of gum graft.

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