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Some Athletes Tend to Experience More Gum Disease than Most – Why?

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
Some Athletes Tend to Experience More Gum Disease than Most – Why?Athletes do an excellent job in taking care of their bodies, and it is almost obvious that they also have great teeth. However, research shows that this is not the case. In fact, studies show that athletes suffer from higher rates of gum disease and teeth infections compared to those that aren't professional athletes. Here are some of the reasons why.

Reasons Why Some Athletes Tend To Experience More Gum Disease than Most

It is believed that athletes suffer from increased rates of gum disease and tooth decay due to their diet. It is common for athletes to drink a lot of sports drinks to restore the energy lost when exercising. Furthermore, they use sports gels and gums to restore the body fluids lost in training or exercising. All sports gels, chews, and drinks have plenty of sugar in them. Bacteria will feed on these sugars and build up, forming plaque or tartar. Besides, the athlete's mouths are usually dry when exercising; this allows the harmful bacteria to grow quicker. All these conditions contribute to poor oral hygiene among athletes as compared to others.

Furthermore, athletes face challenges with sports injuries that end up affecting their gums and teeth. Athletes can also suffer injuries to their mouth if they don't wear mouthguards when playing. According to statistics, about 30% of injuries suffered by athletes occur around the face area. When an athlete sustains an injury by taking a blow to the face, they can get a loose tooth, or, in some cases, the tooth may fall out. These conditions will end up contributing to gum disease and other dental problems. There is also the risk of suffering jaw pain that can lead to biting problems. There could also be a risk of jaw misalignment.

Therefore, athletes are at more risk of experiencing gum disease and other oral problems. If you are an athlete and you are feeling some discomfort in your gums or teeth, do not hesitate to visit our offices.

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