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Dental implants Are Commonly Rejected When Untreated Gum Disease is Present

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
Dental implants Are Commonly Rejected When Untreated Gum Disease is PresentDental implants are becoming a popular way of dealing with dental issues such as missing teeth. Although advances in technology are making it a smoother experience, some implants come with their fair share of problems. One such situation occurs when your implants get rejected by your body, paving the way for further health complications.

One of the reasons your dental implants can get rejected is the presence of gum diseases. Like any other part of the body, the gums are susceptible to infection on the introduction of a foreign object. However, the presence of illness before the implant increases the chances of the body rejecting it. To understand the problem, it is vital to learn the symptoms that your body will show as a sign of rejection of your implant.

Gum Diseases that Cause Rejection of Dental Implants

Gum disease dramatically increases the chances of your dental implant getting rejected. Dental Implant Disease and Peri-Implant Mucositis Disease are diseases that are associated with dental implants. A Dental Implant Disease occurs when bacteria eat up the bone structure around the dental implant, causing bone loss. In addition, the infection causes the implant to loosen, exposing you to more risk. On the other hand, a Peri-Implant Mucositis Disease occurs when the gum around the implant area gets infected, leading to the gums reddening and swelling. If left untreated, it leads to peri-implantitis, which destroys the bone structure. It requires surgery to correct.

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