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What are Dental Pockets and What do They Mean to Your Dental Health

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
What are Dental Pockets and What do They Mean to Your Dental HealthDental pockets are openings shaped like tiny little pockets inside the mouth. These pockets open up in the space around the teeth or between the teeth and gums. The gums need to adhere closely and tightly against the teeth. Often, dental pockets are considered an indication of gum disease or periodontal disease. Gum disease starts as gingivitis, the first stage, and advances to a more serious condition referred to as periodontitis. During the initial stage, the gums are sore, inflamed, and tend to bleed easily. In the advanced stage known as periodontitis, the disease spreads to attack the base of your teeth and infects the pink gum tissue. The tissue begins to lose its strength and recedes or pulls away from your teeth. The bacteria create a space between the teeth and gums, and that is what is known as dental pockets.

The Dangers of Deep Pockets in Gums

Deep pockets forming in gums create a perfect environment for the growth of bacteria. The infection can spread to reach the bone as well as the structure around your teeth, often causing gum disease or even tooth loss. Gum disease, besides causing the loss of a tooth, can lead to other problems such as loss of bone. Your jawbone may become too weak, causing your face shape to change or appear disproportionate.

How do you know you have Deep Pockets?

When you visit our periodontist, the specialist will perform an examination of your mouth and gums to see if you have deep pockets and gum disease. The periodontist measures the pockets and determines the levels of bleeding in order to provide the right treatment plan. Treating deep pockets varies depending on your situation.

During the early stages, the dentist gives a professional clean of the mouth to remove plaque and tartar that contribute to the formation of pockets. However, our periodontist may look at ways of treating gum disease in addition to the deep pockets if you have delayed seeing a dentist. Some situations may require periodontal surgery and if a tooth is badly infected, you may have it extracted. Give your oral health the attention it deserves. Visit our periodontal office for checkups to prevent or treat deep pockets and gum disease.
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