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Deep Cleaning
Richardson, TX

A smiling man in a dental chairA deep dental cleaning, which is also referred to as gum therapy, is a procedure that cleans between teeth and gums, getting all the way down into the roots. Just like with a regular cleaning, we will clean the gum line, tooth, as well as the sides of the teeth. But with a deep cleaning we will proceed further down below the gum line to remove excess tartar buildup that is hiding down around the root of the tooth. The experienced professionals here at Dr. Xixi Wu are well-versed in this process and have helped countless clients with this therapy.

What Is the Process?

A dental deep cleaning procedure is also known as periodontal scaling and root planing. It’s similar to a typical cleaning but instead focuses below the gum lines and on the outer surface of the roots. This specialized and thorough cleaning becomes necessary when tartar buildup has caused an infection of the gums. A deep cleaning will help reduce and eliminate the infection and afterwards, promote the healing and restorative process. Generally speaking, this is done by the dentist or hygienist using a handheld scaler to remove the plaque and tartar from the teeth and underneath the gums.

How Does It Help?

If it has been a while since you’ve visited us, or even if you have just missed a few visits for a regular cleaning, tartar and plaque buildup on the teeth and gum lines and begin to move below into the supporting soft tissues. This can lead to a number of issues when left untreated for too long. Additionally, stress, diabetes, smoking, and even medications that cause dry mouth and other similar oral conditions can contribute to the development of various issues that require a more thorough cleaning.

Many of our patients have spoken to us about how much better they feel following one of these treatments. And it isn’t just their mouth that they are talking about, but their entire body! That is because when someone is dealing with an ongoing inflammation, their body has to make a continual effort to combat the infection and try to heal it.

And since it is incapable of solving the problem itself, over the course of time it takes a toll on the many other systems of the body which are involved in or affected by what is going on inside of a patient's mouth. This can impact everything from energy levels to appetite. Getting this problem under control can lead to a much better state of general health and wellness. Flossing and brushing becomes easier, and most importantly of all, clients are able to keep their own teeth and not have to worry about dentures or other restorative appliances.

To find out if a deep cleaning is the right course of action in regards to your dental health, or to go ahead and schedule a time to come on for one, simply visit our office here at Dr. Xixi Wu. Or to discuss your dental care options over the phone with one of our courteous and helpful staff members, you can reach us at (972) 669-9444.
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Deep Cleaning | Dr. Xixi Wu - Richardson, TX
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