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Do You Need to Restore a Gummy Smile?

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
If you show more gum than teeth when you smile, it can be distracting. Fortunately, by visiting our office, you can learn more about cosmetic or periodontal procedures that are offered to improve your smile's appearance. We can lengthen the crown of the teeth and contour the gums, so you will show more dental enamel. The following information provides more details about the process. Why Is My Smile “Gummy”? One of the most common reasons for a gummy smith is the excess growth of gum tissue. Because too much gum tissue covers the surface of the teeth, your teeth will look short. This excess tissue may develop because of genetics, gingival inflammation, or from taking certain medicines. Therefore, before considering any treatment plan, you need to know the reason for your gummy smile. If the underlying cause results from periodontal disease, you may need to schedule a deep cleaning treatment, or scaling and root planing. If there is no underlying cause, you may benefit from gum sculpting. How Will Gum Sculpting Help a Gummy Smile? To eliminate overdeveloped gingival tissue and show more of the teeth's enamel, we may perform periodontal plastic surgery, also known as crown lengthening or gum sculpting. Using an advanced technology, we can remove small strips of gum tissue until we achieve a higher gum line. A laser is used to cauterize the tissue so bleeding is minimized. Therefore, by using this technique, we can quicken recovery. In turn, your gums and teeth will look more balanced. Different types of sedation are featured to keep you comfortable during the procedure. The best way to improve a gummy smile is to consult with our periodontal practice. We want you to show off your best smile. Give our team of periodontal professionals a call if you have any periodontal needs or issues....

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