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Benefits of Dental Implants
Dental Implants Richardson,TX

3D rendering of a dental implant next to healthy teethUnless you’re a young child waiting for the tooth fairy, nobody enjoys losing a tooth, whether it’s from decay, disease, injury, or a necessary extraction. Missing teeth can make previously simple daily tasks (brushing, flossing, eating, drinking, etc) quite frustrating and thereby less enjoyable. Not to mention, one is more likely to become self-conscious or embarrassed about their appearance in social interactions. It’s a tale as old as time, where too many people fail to appreciate the benefits of healthy teeth for a positive quality of life until after they’re already gone.

Luckily, dentures aren’t the only answer. Dental implants have been a preferred option for tooth restoration among dentists and patients alike since their introduction in 1965, proving themselves an efficient and safe alternative. They give people the bright, beautiful smile they deserve with a healthy future reflected in it. At Dr. Xixi Wu, it’s our job and pleasure to grant every qualifying patient satisfactory results, be it from replacing one tooth, a full set, or helping your upper and lower jaw with a removable prosthesis.

If you or a loved one are considering getting an oral implant and desire more information or wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wu, please call us at (972) 669-9444.

What Makes Dental Implants Important?

We let our quality of tooth restoration do the talking around here, and the results are more than just cosmetic. Aside from an improved look, patients will discover that implants function almost exactly like their natural teeth. This not only maintains the remaining teeth’s balance but also your facial structure. When one tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth respond to this. Leaving that gap empty over a prolonged time leads to those teeth eventually moving into imperfect positioning (malocclusion).

This becomes more problematic once it progresses to extended oral conditions like jawbone deterioration or bone loss. To avoid these potential threats and retain necessary stimulation for your jawbone, an oral implant is needed to keep this balance. Besides the physical restoration, patients also generally show a significant boost to self-confidence, able to go about their everyday routines again and socialize without fear of awkwardness or letting that grin shine.



Implants blend right in with your natural teeth, modeled off the genuine article as closely as possible and gradually fusing into your jawbone.


Unlike dentures, which aren’t always properly fitted and can slip out of alignment in your mouth, slurring speech and causing mumbling, implants are correctly fitted to ensure comfortable speaking.


Once the implants are inserted into your jaw, you needn’t worry about experiencing discomfort such as that which is often associated with removable dentures or other lacking prostheses.


No one likes trying to chew with sliding dentures, but implants help control this. Comfortably partake in your favorite foods as you would any other day without concerns of pain or appearances.


As said, any self-esteem lost from a missing tooth can be restored and even improved from your original smile with implants. You’ll have no worries when going out or seeing family & friends.

Oral Health

More complex tooth-supported oral bridges sometimes need a reduction for proper support. Other times, your remaining teeth may require an alteration to hold the structure together. An implant carries no such disadvantage. By fully preserving the other teeth, your total oral health benefits in the long run. Moreover, you’ll have easier access to the spaces between each tooth while brushing & flossing.


Every implant is made to be very strong, lasting on average for many years. If you maintain proper care over yours, just like everyone should for real teeth, it can last you a lifetime.


Implants remove any fear of embarrassment one may experience from having to take their dentures out or keeping them in place with often messy adhesives (publicly or privately).

Remember, if you or a loved one believe you need a dental implant and have any questions, call Dr. Xixi Wu today to schedule a visit with us at (972) 669-9444.
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