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Gingival Grafting
Richardson, TX

Smiling patient sitting in dental chair and looking at teeth in blue handheld mirrorYour gums are an important part of your mouth, and you want to keep them healthy. Sometimes, though, there is a problem with the gums. It is common that gums recede. This can be due to gum disease, tooth decay, age, and other factors as well. If the gums recede and the root of the tooth is exposed, this can lead to pain. Here at Dr. Xixi Wu, we want to make sure that your gums and your teeth are healthy. If you have receding gums, we might suggest a gum graft.

What Is a Gum Graft? How Can It Help?

A gum graft is a way to repair your gums if they are receding. This will lead to less pain and a more attractive smile. A gum graft is a simple procedure. With it, we will take a small amount of tissue from elsewhere, and then we will add it to the area where your gums are receding. We will make sure that the root is covered.

A local anesthetic is usually all that is needed, although some patients prefer sedation for the procedure. The tissue that we use will usually be taken from your mouth. The most common place is from the roof of your mouth. That area will need to heal as well then. On occasion, we might use donor tissue, but we will use your own if possible. It will not take long to heal from a gum graft. You will want someone to drive you home after your surgery, and you will want to rest for the rest of the day.

After Your Gum Graft

The day after the surgery, you might be a little bit sore, but that will not last long. You will want to stick to soft foods while you heal. You will need to continue to brush your teeth but avoid the area where the graft was performed until the healing is complete.

If we took tissue from the roof of your mouth, keep in mind that that area will need to heal as well. Try to avoid feeling the area with your tongue until it has healed.

To speed your healing, you might want to limit the amount of talking that you do for a day or two. When you talk, you could irritate the area. You will also want to avoid strenuous exercise for the first few days after the gum graft. Rest the first day, and then light exercise can be done.

There could be a small amount of bleeding after a gum graft. This is normal, but if it is heavy, we will want to know about it.

A gum graft can be necessary to cover the root of a tooth. It can put an end to pain, and it can also restore your smile if the receding gums were in a noticeable area. Here at Dr. Xixi Wu, we would like to talk to you about what we can do for your gums. Call our team at (972) 669-9444 so that you can make an appointment.
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