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Implant-Supported Dentures
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Dentist pointing to digital scan on monitor while speaking to patientPartial or complete dentures are a common way to replace a large number of teeth. While dentures have helped countless people, they are not without problems. One of the main issues that people have with dentures is that they do not always fit after a while. That is because when you lose teeth, you will start to lose bone on your jaw as well. There is a way to be able to have new teeth and not lose the bone in your jaw. If you are having a problem with your dentures, see us at Dr. Xixi Wu. We have another option that might work for you.

From Dentures to an Implant Bridge

If you are tired of dentures that will slip when you eat and that does not fit the way that they used to, an implant bridge could be the solution. An implant bridge combines two different things. It uses dental implants as the anchor to your jaw. A bridge is then attached to the implants. It will give you new teeth, and they will be permanent.

The first step is the dental implants. We will first need to determine if there is enough bone in your jaw to hold the implants in place. If there is not enough bone, we will most likely suggest a bone graft. With this, a small amount of bone will be ground up, and it will then be added to the area of your jaw that needs more bone. After several weeks, the bone graft will become part of your jaw.

After the bone graft (if needed) is finished, we will start with the implant. We will place screws in your jaw bone. This will also take several weeks to heal. After that has happened, the screws will be part of your jaw. They will act as the roots of the implants. You will receive temporary crowns while your jaw heals, you will not have to worry about feeling screws in your jaw.

The final steps of the implants will be the permanent crowns. Those will look and feel like natural teeth. Once the implants are in place, we will then work on the bridge. This will also look just like natural teeth. The bridge will go in your mouth, in between the implants. You will love your new look. Your implant bridge will be permanent. It will not be like dentures. You will not be able to take them out. You will not have to soak them at night. You will no longer need to worry about bone loss because the implants will act like natural teeth.

If you have been having problems with your dentures, we want to talk to you. Here at Dr. Xixi Wu, we would like to see if you are a candidate for an implant bridge. If you would like to put your dentures behind you, call (972) 669-9444 and set up an appointment. The best way to finally have new permanent teeth is to see us.
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Implant Supported Dentures Richardson, TX | Hilton Israelson, DDS
If you have been having problems with your dentures, we want to talk to you. Here at Dr. Hilton Israelson, we would like to see if you are a candidate for an implant bridge. Call us today at (972) 669-9444.
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