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Mini Dental Implants
Richardson, TX

Smiling woman sitting in roomDental implants are a restorative device that we use to replace a missing tooth root. Treatment with single and multiple implants has come with incredible rates of success. Once the science proved to be successful, we have developed variations of the original device to accommodate a variety of needs. The mini dental implant is one variation that is even less invasive, with faster healing time and proven success. At Dr. Xixi Wu, we can discuss the benefits of various implant options and which we think may be the best fit for your needs, which may include the mini dental implant.

A dental implant is a device that we surgically insert into your jawbone to create a new tooth root when one is lost. Once firm, we can then use the newly placed root to attach a dental crown, bridge, or denture to this now stabilized anchor. A mini dental implant provides some differences from the standard implant, including:
•  Narrow: A mini dental implant is more narrow than a standard or wide dental implant. The mini dental implant is about 1.3-3.3 millimeters in diameter opposed to a standard implant at 3.4-5.8 millimeters in diameter. The mini and standard implants are about the same length, which varies from other implants which may come longer to capture denser bone.
•  Less Bone Needed: The mini implants narrower design means that less bone material is needed to sink the implant into. This may reduce the time needed to grow thicker bone.
•  Uses: A mini dental implant can be an excellent choice when used appropriately. We will review and discuss your needs, but most often, mini implants are used to replace front teeth or as part of an implant retained denture system.
•  Less Invasive with Faster Healing: Having a dental implant placed, any implant, is considered a minimally invasive procedure that is often approved for most patients. Having a mini dental implant is even less invasive. Because of the more narrow diameter, we are able to disturb your soft and hard tissue that much less. Additionally, we are often not required to grow new bone, and the crown or denture can be placed the same day as surgery without waiting for a healing period. Overall, the entire process is done much more quickly.
•  Less Cost: Because there are less steps involved, that means less time in the chair, meaning less expense. We are able to complete the work in as little as two office visits.

Am I a Candidate for a Mini Implant?

The best way to determine if a mini implant is right for you is to contact our office for a consultation. Our team will evaluate the area and discuss your options. Mini implants are a great choice for specific needs. This includes the location of the missing tooth and the work being done. Additionally, though implants can be approved for patients who are more delicate of health, they are not ideal for all patients. We will want to discuss health conditions and medications you are taking to determine if you are able to heal at a reasonable rate. The success of dental implants is highly dependent on being able to heal at a reasonable rate.

For more information on mini dental implants, contact our Richardson office at (972) 669-9444.
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