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Multiple Teeth Replacement With Implants
Richardson, TX

3D rendering of mouth with multiple dental implantsWhen you were young, you were probably told you that you needed to take good care of your teeth because they needed to last for a lifetime. While it is, of course, true that you need to take good care of your teeth, that does not mean that there is nothing that can be done if you were to lose one. Many different things can lead to the loss of a tooth, but that does not mean that you will have to live with a gap in your smile.

Even if you have lost many teeth, there is something that can be done. If you are missing teeth, talk to us at Dr. Xixi Wu to see if you are a good candidate for a multiple tooth implant.

Can More Than One Tooth Be Replaced?

If you are worried that you will never be able to eat like normal again, because you have lost too many teeth, there are solutions. A multiple tooth implant could be your solution.

The first step to a multiple tooth implant is that we will make sure that you have enough bone in your jaw. Tooth loss will lead to bone loss, and you need to have enough bone to receive a dental implant. If you do not have enough bone, that does not mean that you will not be able to have the implants. In most cases, we will then do a bone graft before you receive the actual implant.

With a bone graft, we will utilize either your bone or bone from a cadaver, and add it to that area where it is needed. It could take several weeks, but the bone fragments and your jaw will fuse. That will give you more bone.

The next step with multiple implants is that we will then add the screws to your jaw. The screws will be the replacement for the root of a natural tooth. This will also take several weeks because the screws also need to fuse to your jaw. You will have temporary caps on the screws during this time so that you will still be able to eat and talk like normal. Once your screws are set, we will give you permanent caps on all of your implants. Those will look like natural teeth; you will not be able to tell the difference.

Multiple implants can replace the missing parts of your smile. It could be that we implant several prosthetic teeth together, or we may give you several different implants. Each person is different.

If you would like to be able to eat, drink, talk, and smile like you used to, we here at Dr. Xixi Wu would like to help. We have given many other a brand new reason to smile with multiple tooth implants, and we would like to do the same thing for you as well. Call (972) 669-9444 to set up your appointment. The sooner you call, the sooner you can have that new smile.
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