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Osseous Surgery
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Smiling dental hygienist and patientWe, dentists, say this all the time. Proper oral hygiene requires brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice every day. Unfortunately, even when this routine is followed, some people still experience problems with their dental health, such as periodontal (gum) disease. In such cases, one solution we may recommend is osseous (bone) surgery. Today, we at Dr. Xixi Wu are here to help you gain a better understanding of this procedure by going over a few of the most common questions about it.

If you or a loved one believe you may need osseous surgery and have any questions not answered below or wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wu, please call (972) 669-9444.

What Is Osseous Surgery?

This treatment’s purpose is to recontour your bone and gum pockets that are damaged by infection.

When Is Osseous Surgery Necessary?

As said, patients requiring osseous surgery are usually people with a form of periodontal disease. Specifically, they suffer from decay of gum tissue and bone that leaves them more exposed to infection. When bacterial plaque is allowed to accumulate on your teeth, acidic toxins soon begin irritating the gum tissue, leading to inflammation (early signs include red, puffy gums that bleed easily).

While a more thorough brushing & flossing routine or professional cleaning can take care of gum disease in its early stage (Gingivitis), letting it advance causes plaque around and under the gums to harden into a more problematic substance called tartar. The accumulation of this nasty stuff will cause the gums to pull away from your teeth, forming pockets where more food and bacteria build up. When these pockets become too deep or excess bone is lost, osseous surgery may be the only way to prevent tooth loss.

What Are The Benefits?

•  Reducing pocket depth.
•  Eliminating harmful bacteria.
•  Preventing damage from advancing periodontal disease.
•  Decreased risk of advanced overall health problems associated with periodontal disease.
•  Raise your chances of keeping your natural teeth.

How Is Osseous Surgery Done?

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Dr. Wu will make a tiny incision in your periodontal tissue so it can be flapped back to expose the neighboring bone and tooth root. Next, deposits will be scraped off the root’s surface and any jagged bone is trimmed or reshaped. Not to worry though, all gum tissue will be sutured back together so little pocket depth will remain once healed. A bone graft or guided tissue regeneration prior to gum tissue reattachment may also be performed.

Will I Experience Pain During Surgery?

No. One of our top priorities apart from surgical accuracy for the best possible treatment is to make the patient as comfortable as we can. The local anesthetic will numb your gums so you feel no discomfort. However, patients who are nervous or suffer from anxiety may also discuss sedation options.

How Long Does Osseous Surgery Take?

The exact amount of chair time varies from patient to patient, depending on several factors such as how many teeth are being treated, but Dr. Wu will determine an estimate for how long the procedure will take.

What Is Involved In Recovery?

Once surgery is finished and gum tissue closed back up, gauze is used to control bleeding. Post-operative instructions are provided (which foods & drinks to avoid until fully healed), and you will likely return for follow-up examinations to make sure the surgery worked. In the meantime, maintaining your oral hygiene at home and keeping up with regular appointments makes all the difference.
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