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3D rendering of overdentures in a mouth from Dr. Hilton Israelson in Richardson, TXWearing traditional dentures may not seem appealing to you if you are missing an entire set of teeth. They may not be fully secure at times, which may lead to them falling out while eating or drinking, causing you a sense of panic if you are in public. To avoid traditional dentures, you may choose dental implants that use a set of dentures instead. These types of dental implants are becoming increasingly popular given they are less invasive than traditional implants and more secure than traditional dentures. Our Dr. Xixi Wu office wants to help provide you with reliable implant surgery you can feel good about.

Types of Implant Supported Dentures

Three types of implant supported dentures are secured by anchors, so they are not resting on the gums. A permanently fixed porcelain bridge, an acrylic bridge supported by four implants, and a removable clip-retained denture, also referred to as an overdenture. Each has its benefits, providing you with a wide range of flexibility in how you want your teeth managed. Our team will help you determine which is the most appropriate option available.

Permanently Fixed Porcelain Bridge

The first type of implant-supported denture is known as a permanently fixed porcelain bridge. This type of implant is like a conventional bridge but does not use your adjacent teeth for support. This is beneficial for those who need a complete set of dentures or do not have strong enough natural teeth to support a conventional bridge. This type of bridge uses a set number of titanium anchors that are drilled into your gum tissue for support and stability. The number of anchors needed, usually between two to six, is determined by your overall gum tissue health and anatomy. A permanent fixed bridge is then set and attached to the anchors. A permanently fixed porcelain bridge is secure and will not move. However, it still allows our team to remove it when you come in for a cleaning, ensuring we get all bacteria and debris from underneath and around the bridge.

Acrylic Bridge Support

Acrylic bridge support works differently than a permanently fixed bridge. It uses four implant anchors to secure a bridge into place, but it also allows you to remove them when you need to clean your teeth and gums. This type of implant offers the security and stability of a permanently fixed porcelain bridge while also providing the convenience of a removable denture. An acrylic bridge support is made of the same material as a conventional denture, making it easy to maintain and clean.


Also known as implant-supported overdentures, a clip-retained denture uses a full set of dentures that are conveniently clipped into place. While they do use dental implant anchors, they are not as secure as a permanently fixed porcelain bridge and acrylic bridge support. Therefore, you may experience some movement while chewing food, giving a slightly less natural feel to them. Dental implants are placed into your gums, followed by a support structure that allows the overdentures to be clipped into place. They are completely removable, giving you the ability to clean and maintain them each day.

If you are considering implant supported dentures, our staff at Dr. Xixi Wu can help you. We evaluate your exams, anatomy, and oral health to help you determine which dental implant is the best fit. Contact our office at (972) 669-9444 to schedule an appointment.

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If you are considering implant supported dentures, our staff at Dr. Hilton Israelson can help you determine which dental implant is the best fit. Call us today!
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