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What is a Periodontist?
Richardson, TX

Dentist explaining digital x-ray to a patient in dental chairA periodontist is a dentist who has specialized and extended education concerning the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of periodontal disease is known as a periodontist. They are also experts in treating oral inflammation. These dental specialists receive extensive schooling and training in these specific areas, including three years of additional education after completing dental school. Our experts here at Dr. Xixi Wu are familiar with the newest and most innovative techniques for diagnosing or treating various types of periodontal disease and are even trained in how to perform cosmetic periodontal restorative procedures.

These dental practitioners, many times, will treat more problematic and complex cases of periodontitis, such as those with a more involved medical history or severe gum disease. There is a wide range of possible treatments available depending on the scope of the problem in each individual patient. This can include a deep cleaning like a scaling and root planing and a debridement. There are also surgical options available for more serious cases. Dental implants are also one of the specialties of periodontists.

Differences With General Dental Practitioners

There are quite a few differences between regular dentists and periodontists, obviously the first being the aforementioned level of education and further training. But in addition to that, there is also their field of practice and their ability to further diagnose and treat periodontal issues and symptoms. Periodontists are usually reserved for more advanced cases which are out of the realm of expertise for general practitioners.

One of the main differences between these two dental health professionals concerns the gums. Dentists are usually the ones who diagnose a gum disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis, but it is a periodontist who is best suited to treat and prevent its further spread. They focus not only on the gums but on the supporting bone as well, helping to stop the advancement of the disease to the point where it causes severe infection of the soft tissues surrounding your teeth and supportive bone.

The fact is that if a patient has severe enough periodontal disease a regular dentist might not even be ethically able to treat them because until their gum disease is under control, there is really little else that any basic dental treatment could do for them.

When Do You Need One?

Many people aren’t sure what exactly it is that they need to see this type of dental professional for. But we offer a number of services that, when necessary for one of our clients, can’t be ignored. Such examples might be a deep dental cleaning between the teeth, below the gums, and down into the pockets which are caused by the advancement of the disease. Other services include bone grafting, soft tissue removal, scaling and root planing, implant replacement, crown lengthening, and hard tissue recontouring.

To schedule an appointment with one of our dental specialists, please stop by our office at your earliest conveniences. The staff here at Dr. Xixi Wu will be glad to assist you further. You can also just give the clinic a call by dialing (972) 669-9444.
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Our experts here at Dr. Xixi Wu are familiar with the newest and most innovative techniques for diagnosing or treating various types of periodontal disease. Call today!
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